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Source World Health Organization

Healthy Water – Bacteria and Microbes and Poor Chemical Control can be the biggest danger to swimmers. Are you aware of the various types of hazards? Just because your water looks clear doesn't mean danger isn't there. Most likely your pool if receiving general upkeep should be fine. But this is a scary chart.

Pool safety means a lot of things. Healthy water is the extremely important. Properly working pumps and filters. Working and calibrated chemical control systems. At 1 Stop Pool Pros we offer plenty of insights and tips for safe pools.

Tragedies and pool generated Doctors visits can be prevented from regular water testing. We do this for all our clients to ensure healthy water. We also offer automated chemical controllers and feeders. Visit our Water Chemistry area of our website for more information.

We recommend you clear your pool of debris after storms. Debris is often a source for water contamination. A properly maintained filtration system that keep filters from becoming clogged is also very important.

Have you had problems with bacteria, algae, or water conditioning? What have been your biggest challenges? We would love to hear and help with solutions.

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