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The Center for Disease Control says, “It's important for people to play an active role in protecting their own health when they swim.” CDC officials say there is a need for more swimmer vigilance.

Did you know that most pools can be breeding grounds for bacterial spores that can cause permanent kidney damage, diarrhea and vomiting, affect lung function and swelling and pain in the eyes? if not properly maintained. Bacteria: E coli, Giardia, cryptosporidium, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Acanthamoeba, to name a few, are alarmingly harmful for children and the elderly. While we can all suffer the devastating effects of these nemeses, the elderly and young pay the biggest health price. 

Improper pool service contributes to the proliferation of bacterial spores. You must be certain your water is safe. The only way to achieve this goal is to test the water yourself if you have pool service or call  1 Stop Pool Pros for a FREE swimming pool water analysis.

If you service your pool, you must understand the need for consistency and proper water care. It is not enough to just check pH and free chlorine. You must perform a multitude of tests to be certain your water is safe and clean. You must service your pool and perform the appropriate water tests on a consistent basis to be certain your family is safe from these ever too prevalent foes. If you have questionable service or if you are uncertain as to the requisite water tests, call 1 Stop Pool Pros for help.   

1 Stop Pool Pros is dedicated to the elimination of all bacterial spores. We view each customer as an individual and therefore, we treat each pool individually. The health of your family is important to us and we will bring individual needs to the attention of each customer to be certain our efforts to eliminate these harmful agents are not in vain.

You should have the opportunity to enjoy the luxury of your swimming pool without the constant worry of bacterial infections. 1 Stop Pool Pros can help eliminate this worry and add to your swimming pool enjoyment.

Call 800-880-6919 for a free water quality inspection. Why wonder if your water is safe when 1 Stop Pool Pros can help you be certain – and it’s free.

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